My Holiday Mantle 2010


In anticipation of Layla’s Holiday Mantel Linky Party (The Lettered Cottage),

I decided to do a separate post on my Holiday Mantel!



This photo was taken in the evening so it’s a bit blurry – sorry!



As you can see, our fireplace & mantle are encased in cherry wood &  it goes all the way up to the ceiling…

I love it!



This black marble tile is nice but needs dusting often!



A must-have for my mantel is greenery & white lights!



A tip I read @ The Inspired Room (thanks Melissa!)

*Use Command Hooks (the kind that are removable without damaging surfaces) to secure garland!



I also added a piece of material to the top of the mantel before adding the greenery to protect the wood…

Yes, it’s the same piece of material I used on my Thanksgiving table :’)



I love these little evergreen pics with berries & pinecones!  I used them on my table too…



My mantel wouldn’t be complete without the stockings…these have photos of my kiddos from years ago…



I can’t leave my other babies out!



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7 Responses to My Holiday Mantle 2010

  1. Laurel says:

    All the cherry wood is gorgeous! What a beautiful fireplace!

  2. What a beautiful fireplace. I love all of that wood!! And it’s so cozy with your stockings all hung up!

    So pretty!


  3. How cute that your kids pictures are on the stockings! That is a fun idea!

  4. Jen says:

    Very cute!
    And your other babies look like they are enjoying the fire!

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