Organizing the Kitchen

After organizing my homeschool supplies I realized that I now needed to organize the area in the kitchen where the supplies would be kept…

so as I started moving things around, well….

Of course, one cupboard led to another….

And another….

I think you can see where this is going!

This one is still quite cramped but it’s the only space that will fit a lot of my larger items…

Moving on to the drawers…they weren’t too bad…

The junk drawer got spruced up too!

This was payment for a job well done :’)

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6 Responses to Organizing the Kitchen

  1. Mom says:

    you ate almost 1/2 a cake???

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, it was a job very well done!!

  3. corey says:

    You’re so cute! If I fly you up here, will you do my house, too? Of course, this would really just be a good excuse to visit with you ;)

    • debbienissen says:

      Ha Ha! That would be so fun! I wish I would have gotten the organizing bug a few weeks ago as we are just getting ready to start back to school next week and my days will be full once again!

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